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Star is spooked


AN illusionist staging a horror show in Dublin has been scared out of his dressing room by ghostly goings-on.

Magician Joe Daly said he felt an eerie presence during rehearsals for his production 'Magick Macabre' at the haunted Olympia Theatre.

Veteran staff at the Victorian venue have been spooked by paranormal sightings for years.

Daly, who plays master illusionist and born-again psycho Daemon Cordell, moved into the largest dressing room in the narrow and dimly-lit winding corridors of the Dame Street theatre on Monday.

But within two days, the Halloween horror show star was running scared.

"I didn't spend much time in the room on Monday or Tuesday because of technical rehearsals," the 32-year-old Dubliner said.

"On Wednesday morning I got in early and was chilling out in the dressing room when I got an uneasy feeling.

"It's hard to describe it, it was like a presence. I just didn't like the room. But I didn't say anything to anyone about it. The next time I asked for the key the stage door man said to me 'good luck up there, that's the haunted one'. Then I found out that John Brogan, the former stage manager, swears he once saw something there, so I said good luck and went in with the rest of the lads."

For Joe, whose creepy show plays with the audience's minds, his spooky encounter was too close to home. "My show is illusion," continued the magician, whose production runs until November 15. "Me scaring people is one thing, but something else scaring me when I don't have an explanation for it is something else. I completely believe in ghosts."

Mr Brogan, who worked at the theatre for 33 years, said he would never forget his encounter with a spirit on the third floor. He maintains that almost 30 years ago on a Sunday afternoon he turned a staircase and saw a blue light float out of changing room number seven, move towards him down the passageway, pass him and disappear around a corner. "I just stood there. I was frozen stiff. It was just floating," he said.