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gloss over with the best this winter...

LIPGLOSS: only for the summer months? Bah! Several of the below have got pigment as rich as any lipstick you'll find in your local chemist or department store. I love the ease of gloss -- except, as with several of the below, it ain't so easy. Still, gloss all year round is an issue I can fully support.

GIORGIO ARMANI Gloss D'Armani in 401, €25 HHHII The initial application of this results in what I like to call 'magazine mouth' -- it makes me look like I should be in an ad for Armani. Then, upon re-application, it starts to build up and feel super-gooey. Great if you're going to wipe down between every top-up; not so great if you're not, because, why would you? It's lipgloss. Useful as a topcoat, though!

BENEFIT Sugarbomb Lip Gloss, €19.50 HHHII A series of BeneFit glosses have hit the streets, designed to match their existent blushes. Sugarbomb is a sparkly pinkish-nude concoction, and this gloss is a good match. It sparkles -- hurrah! It doesn't last very long -- boo! Also a good topcoat, due to super shine.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Golden Gloss in Golden Pebble, €28.50 HHHHI

This pigment is also very strong and also results in magazine mouth. The pigment is so strong it is almost like lipstick, which is good if you're looking for something with heft. It's not so great if you're looking to surreptitiously swipe


Lacura's colourless gloss is actually packed full of sparkle, as though they crushed up a bunch of icicles and magically turned them into make-up. This is a terrific topcoat if you don't mind mucking up the applicator with colour. This is fab on its own with a seriously smoky eye: pure sixties sexy, and a stunning price point!

MARKS & SPENCER Limited Collection Gloss in Rose, €7 HHIII

Really great pigment but then poor staying power. I tend to my pout (and I tend to pout, when crossed), so my fully exfoliated lips were actually the perfect canvas for this. This bled all past the edges of my lips and it also felt tacky.