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Getting it right

> TALK to your child about what they like doing.

> Explore the benefits of different activities.

> Look at the options in your locality in terms of availability and cost.

> Come up with a plan to try a few activities.

> Make the attempt a reasonable effort – a good number of attendances not just one.

> Don't invest too much in gear until the child commits and agrees that once you pay fees, your child will complete the term.

> If the activity is a failure, praise the attempt. If it succeeds, praise the effort.

> Don't force your child into your favourite sport for your own enjoyment. Remember that we all like different things for good reasons.

> Help your child to find an ally through car-sharing or walking together so that they feel more secure there.

> Support your child's chosen sport or activity, even if you are not interested in it.

> When you do support from the side-lines, try to hold back on shouting your child's name – instead encourage by making eye-contact.

> All sports are valid – we have a tendency to pay more attention to team sports, but it doesn't suit everyone.

> Praise effort rather than the end result.

> Don't settle for inactivity, persevere until you find an activity your child can feel proud of.