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Get ready for Hallowe'en

Canon PowerShot A3200

I love Hallowe'en.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING AS? Er, not sure if I'll dress up this year. It's difficult, when you peaked young as I did. My best childhood costume was a shark: I looked out through the mouth and we filled the tail with balloons so it would stay up.

Then, about 10 years ago, my friend Amy and I went as martinis. I made a twist of lemon that I wore on my head, out of a piece of foam and a clothes hanger. I would share this image with you but . . .

BUT? But, of course, it was the pre-digital camera era and I don't have a jpg. So, what better gadget to review in the run up to the Eve of Hallows than a camera that allows you to record your fancy dress brilliance and creatively capture said sartorial splendour?

WOW, HOW CAN WE GET MORE CREATIVE? Geez, you are really into this whole deal, aren't you? Canon is really good at making cameras, which we already know, but it is also really good at figuring out who wants what. Me, I just want to have fun with a camera, and I want it small and easy to stick in a pocket. The A3200 is all that and more, and here's where the creativity comes in: there is a bunch of filters that can make you look like some kind of design and photography whiz, and the camera does all the work.

You've got a fish-eye effect, one called Miniature Effect that makes everything look like tiny toys, and there's either Super Vivid, which will, duh, make things super vivid, or Monochrome, which will make your creepily dressed pals look even creepier.

AS IF THAT'S POSSIBLE! Who are you hanging around with? Anyway, I like this camera loads and loads, because of options like these. And, as ever, it comes with image stabilisation technology, face recognition and all that.

The thing is, sometimes these cameras are too easy to use, and you never bother to take it off auto, or, in the case of this camera, Smart Mode. You are missing so much if you don't experiment!

And frankly, you can make a lot of mistakes at Hallowe'en, but you're likely to get into a perfect picture-taking groove before Christmas.


The Canon PowerShot A3200 is priced at €149, and is available from all good camera shops