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Footy heaven - in the shower

Shower Foot

Here's another gadget that doesn't plug into the wall!

AND A GOOD THING, TOO. Indeed, as one uses it in the shower. I find it is best to try to manage my foot-care regime after I've showered, as the skin is soft and clean. But as I hate foot care, (because: ick), by the time I've dried off and moisturised, I often realise that, whoops, I haven't bothered tending to my feet, whether using a file on the hard bits or scrubbing them with a foot exfoliant during shower time.

So when I got a Shower Foot to try, I thought it may be an excellent solution.

IT'S FUNNY LOOKING. It is, and there is only one in the box. Now, I guess they didn't want to call it 'Shower Feet' because that sounds like a condition, rather than a solution ('Sorry, can't go out dancing, I've got shower feet'). So, there's just one big, hopefully one-

size-fits all, shower-foot thing to put in your bath. I guess I had imagined something like those exfoliator gloves, but socks. But that would be slippy and dangerous, right?

ANYWAY. Anyway! There's this one big pink object that has suction cups on the bottom, a lot of bristles sticking up from the pink bit, and a piece of pumice in the heel. The idea is, stick it to the bottom of the tub, apply soap, and then scrub-a-dub all the nasties off your feet.

HOW DOES IT WORK IN PRACTICE? I've never had much luck with suction cups, it may be some flaw in my DNA. Initially, I stuck the Foot down and there it stayed. Then I realised that I hadn't positioned it well and, once I took it back up again, it never stuck the same again.

I am a little ticklish, so I had to get over my squealing before I felt like I was giving my feet a good going over. Since it wouldn't stay stuck, I couldn't really make the best use of the pumice stone part. And applying soap didn't work; rub some on your foot, otherwise the soap just leaks between the openings in the sole.

SO, ANY USE AT ALL? Well, I have to say that giving my feet a scrub every day actually feels pretty good, and often helps me to remember to do something nice for them after, like slap on some foot cream. If nothing else, visitors will come out of your loo demanding to know 'what is that thing in your bath?!?' and that's fun, in a weird way.

Shower Foot is available for €11.99 at Boots, Heatons, and online at JMLonline.com