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Flights of Fancy

Dublin Airport: Life Stories

TV3, 9.30pm The new series hosted by Andrea Hayes sees the lives of travellers passing through Ireland's main airport. Tonight, children wait for their dad to return on St Patrick's Day.

A grand-father waits to meet his grandson for the first time and a severely disabled young woman returns from China after undergoing stem cell treatment.

points of law


BBC1, 9pm Martha (Maxine Peake, left) is called in to represent driver Michael Ward after a prisoner is killed while escaping in a high-security van. Ward and his firm are held responsible but when the company's legal team fails to support him, he will have to stand up for himself or become the fall guy.

out from the wraps

Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic

Channel 4, 8pm The doctors tackle another set of 'embarrassing' ailments, with some people diagnosed live in the studio. The experts explain the importance of having healthy kidneys and the correct way to check your own urine. James Logan tells students why bed linen must be changed regularly and Dawn Harper chats to women who went through early menopause.

crowning moments

The Diamond Jubilee Weekend Highlights

BBC1, 11.05pm Huw Edwards and Sophie Raworth take a look back on the weekend Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK. Highlights include the concert held last night at Buckingham Palace and a look at the queen's trip with the royal family down the Thames on the royal barge.