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Five questions with an advertising pro

Today, Aoife Nagle, who is business director at MEC, takes time out to answer our five quick questions.

1 Why did you choose advertising as a career?

Growing up, my family called me the judge.

Both my granddads and my mum were all solicitors and I was brought up being told I too would be a solicitor and enter the family business.

So I rebelled and chose advertising.

2 Do you like to travel?

More than anything. In my twenties, I worked to travel.

Nowadays I have mad things such as my wedding for which to save.

Once wed, I will be back planning exotic holidays.

3 Favourite movie?

Silence of the Lambs.

4 What would do if you were invisible for a day?

Spend the morning in Buckingham Palace and the afternoon in Beckingham Palace and see what really goes on behind closed doors.

5 In ten years time you will be...

I'd like to say retired in the south of France, but realistically I'll probably be a stressed out 40-year-old working mum.

Michael Cullen is editor of Marketing.ie magazine; cullen@marketing.ie