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You've got male! Time to weed out the losers and the weirdos to leave just sexy number six

It was 1am when I finally logged off and shut down.

I hadn't been sitting there like a desperate eejit for 11 hours. It was just that every time I got a new mail, I'd have to log back on to read it, and it made more sense to keep the window open on my monitor. Even if I had to leap up regardless, to keep checking my dating inbox . . . so, right, I sat there like a desperate eejit.

Good thing I had other things to do (such as call my two best girlfriends and keep them up to date) because I didn't have much to show for 11 hours of internet dating. I still hadn't gotten a single date.

The six fellas I started with chopped and changed over the course of the evening. One of them insisted on talking textese, and it got on my nerves, so I stopped replying.

Two more of them merely replied to all my chatty queries with single sentences and failed to ask me any questions in return. So that was the end of them.

Number four, after a few promising back-and-forths, insisted on seeing more photos, and said he had some special ones he'd like to show me. Not that I accepted. It was just so creepy that it made my skin crawl.


Everybody warned me about this, and it is no big surprise. Sure, there are plenty of freaks on the internet. But I'm not exactly a naive teenager willing to go along with anything any bloke says.

Interaction with Number Five seemed to be going somewhere. He wrote in complete sentences, wanted to know about me, and things were getting personal when he asked: "what happened in your last relationship?"

I wasn't about to get all moany, so I just said that I had been with my boyfriend for yonks and it didn't end in marriage. Big mistake it seems, as he ended the conversation very abruptly after that. The story must have cut too close to the bone, I reckon. Too bad.

No one had had the nerve to ask me out for coffee or a pint. But there was still Number Six, my favourite favourite who, I'm happy to say, I considered Number Sexy right from the start.

After several emails, he told me that he had to go and fetch his daughter, and would I be around to talk tomorrow evening?

When I tell you all about his profile, you'll see why I said: "Deffo! Yes!"