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You can't keep a good woman down...

Actress Sandra Bullock stunned us all with the news that she has adopted a three-month-old baby called Louis Bardo, who was born in New Orleans and has, it seems, been thriving in the star's care for the past couple of months.

Immediately, unlucky-in-love Sandra -- who was cheated on by her biker husband Jesse James with a multi-tattooed lady -- went from being a relationship casualty skulking around in dark glasses, to a winning heroine who has given a good home to a baby in need.

Nobody accused Oscar-winner Sandra of 'buying a baby' in the way Angelina Jolie has been pilloried for adopting children. Instead, Sandra's new son is being viewed as the perfect antidote to a dastardly and undeserving husband who has done one of our favourite girl-next-door stars a gross injustice.

And in much the same way as women cheered up when they read Jennifer Aniston was thinking of adopting a baby -- as in, that will show Brad!

People magazine has labelled them 'Hollywood's bounce-back women', the female stars who bounce back quickly after recovering from heartbreak.

And Bullock, who won an Oscar this year for The Blind Side, is the new poster girl for stars who have been through the best and worst of times -- and whose resilience has seen them get back in control of their lives at a time when it seemed they were certain to be written off as losers in romance.


"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Bullock has said of her adopted son in an interview with People magazine.

The adoption is particularly poignant for the actress who had been involved in the rearing of estranged husband Jesse James's children, Sunny (6), Jesse Jr (12) and Chandler (15) -- and could possibly lose contact with her stepchildren following her divorce from James.

Bullock says she is now finalising the adoption of Louis Bardo as a single parent, after originally beginning adoption proceedings with her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

So who are the other stars who have been christened the 'bounce-back women' -- and are admired for their guts in the face of devastation, and for not giving up the fight?

Jennifer Aniston has more in common with Bullock than their love of singlets and shorts, according to People magazine. After her four-year marriage to Brad Pitt ended -- and she was eclipsed by stunner Jolie -- Aniston threw herself into work and refrained from moaning about her abandonment in public. Six months later, she posed for a very sexy photo shoot for Vanity Fair and said simply about her marital break-up in the interview: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Actress Mary-Louise Parker was seven months pregnant and nesting when longtime boyfriend Billy Crudup -- who will soon be seen opposite Julia Roberts in the film Eat, Pray, Love -- left her for Claire Danes, the star of the movie Stardust.

Yet it was Parker who came out on top, welcoming son William Atticus a few months later, and then 18 days afterwards going on to win a Golden Globe for the movie Angels in America. In her acceptance speech, she thanked her newborn "for making my boobs look so good in this dress".

Irish women who are considered bounce-back heroines are singer Mary Coughlan and Twink. Everyone's eyes are on Cheryl Cole to see how she'll bounce back after her split from Ashley Cole.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker bounced back following allegation that husband Matthew Broderick had an affair.

Also on the bounce-back list is actress Halle Berry who can surely empathise with Bullock -- just months after she became the first African American to win the Best Actress Oscar for Monster's Ball in 2002, her philandering husband Eric Benet checked into rehab for sex addiction.

A disillusioned Halle said: "I will never, never get married again." Yet she didn't allow her bad experience keep her down and at age 41, she gave birth to her toddler daughter Nahla, with her former partner, the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

"I've waited a long time for this moment in my life," Halle said of her daughter's birth, and she has stuck to her word and not married.

Singer Sheryl Crow split with boyfriend and cyclist Lance Armstrong in February 2006 (he went on to date actress Kate Hudson) just months before they were due to get married. Soon afterwards she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


The singer gave life's bad luck a swift kick up the ass and recovered from her battle with cancer, and adopted son Wyatt in April, 2007. She said of her young son: "He's enhanced my life one hundred-fold."

Also admired for bouncing back is Ivana Trump. The original Mrs Donald Trump walked away from her cheating husband with an estimated €20m in 1991, and went on to publish a divorce manual and launch a jewellery line and a perfume.

She said: "I am doing now things I would never have been able to do if I were still with Donald. Now, I don't account to anybody and it's fabulous."