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Women's talk: Cheated by the death of the G-spot

"Do you remember that time when Maggie was looking for her G-spot?" Josie asked as we sat around our coffees like the Witches of Eastwick. .

Maggie was in absentia as she was still on her New Year diet and exercise regime and refused to have anything to do with lattes -- skinny or otherwise. The rest of us had been boring each other to death about the icy roads -- although this didn't put a halt to our coffee morning -- so Josie's question was a welcome interlude

Patsy said she did remember. "Why do you ask?"

"I just want to know if she found it," Josie replied.

"Not that I know of, but it wasn't from want of trying,"

"Is there something you are not telling us?" I asked Josie. She had, apparently, been reading an article on the net which said that the elusive erogenous zone, also known as 'the G-spot', may actually be a myth. She informed us, with a straight face, how researchers in Kings College in London hunted high and low but found no proof that it exists.

"When you say 'hunted' do you mean they were dressed in camouflage and had those little search torches strapped to their heads?" asked Patsy dreamily.

Josie rolled her eyes. "No, they didn't bloody well use torches. This was scientific. They got together 1,800 women who were all identical and non-identical twins and simply asked them if they had a G-spot. If there really is such a thing and one identical twin said she had it, it would be expected that the other one would also have it because they have the same genes -- or something like that."

"And?" said Patsy.

"They didn't."

"What about the non-identical twins?"

"They have half of the same genes but, nope, they couldn't find it either."

The three of us fell into that silence that comes from feeling a little glum. Between us we couldn't ever remember having a G-spot but, now that it's claimed that they don't exist, we felt short-changed.

"Well, someone better tell Maggie, I suppose," sighed Patsy before picking up her plate to lick it clean of cake.

"I think we should give her more time. Perhaps we'll tell her in another week or so," I replied.

"Why?" they said.

"Why do you think?" I replied. They looked at me blankly. "She needs the exercise of course." The laughter that ensued cheered us up no end.