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Will Victoria do a Demi for Vogue?

Should pregnant Victoria Beckham pose nude for US Vogue?

Celebrity gossipmonger Perez Hilton has revealed the former Spice Girl is thinking about "doing a Demi" and showing off her baby bump on the front cover of the top-selling mag.

The 36-year-old mum-of-three is said to have the backing of controversial Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who expects any issue featuring a nude shot of Posh to fly off the shelves.

Victoria's dress collections have made her a huge style icon in the States, and it is thought that a flattering photo of the pregnant singer-turned-designer would be yet another boost to her fashion career.

Victoria has previously said she looks "really awful naked" and put her body through a vigorous workout routine before stripping for Armani for their new lingerie line's racy campaign.

You might think she would let herself off the hook being pregnant, yet her blooming body might just be the thing she wants to show to the world as speculation over whether she will have a boy or a girl continues.


Or is there something passe about posing nude with child? In August 1991, Annie Leibovitz photographed Demi Moore nude for a Vanity Fair magazine cover while Demi was seven months pregnant with second daughter Scott LaRue - and a trend was set. So controversial was Demi’s issue of Vanity Fair that it had to be wrapped in a special white cover, with only her eyes showing.

Victoria likes to be the leader of the pack, and to set trends rather than follow them, so what is the attraction for her in following in the footsteps of some pretty D-list mums-to-be such as Gail Porter and Chantelle Houghton from Big Brother who have already copied Demi?

Many A-listers have gone down the pregnant pose route, too. The June 1999 cover of W Magazine featured a heavily pregnant Cindy Crawford when she was expecting her first child, Presley.

While a 2008 issue of Marie Claire had a cover photo of a pregnant Christina Aguilera covered strategically in a leather jacket. The singer only sported Christian Louboutin heels on the inside shoot.

Also channelling Demi Moore, a pregnant Britney Spears decided to pose in her birthday suit for the August 2006 issue of Harper's Bazaar. The magazine said pop-singer Spears "was never more beautiful" than when it photographed her, and that it was the first time it had printed a nude photo on its cover. Meanwhile, inside, the singer posed for various shots including one lying on a sheepskin rug, wearing only a white G-string.


Pregnancy might represent a “safe” time for a celebrity to pose nude.

“During pregnancy, the naked body isn't as sexualised,” says US Weekly magazine photo editor Peter Grossman. “It is safer to go nude because you're looking at these women as life-giving vessels rather than sex objects.”

Yet, in some ways, are nude pregnant celebrities setting unfair expectations for the average mum? Regular pregnant women simply don't look like actor Orlando Bloom's pregnant model wife Miranda Kerr with her belly when she took it all off for W magazine at six-and-a-half months pregnant.

A lot of women are swollen, veiny, bloated and have cottage-cheese thighs when they're pregnant.

Kathy Campbell is the executive editor of holly baby.com, a website devoted to the offspring of the rich and famous. She believes nude celebrity shoots are the star equivalent of getting a belly cast to create a lasting memento of a pregnancy.

She says: "I think being pregnant is a very special time in a woman's life, so why not pose to capture that special moment forever? There are plenty of women who do belly casts, so this is just another way of capturing it. I think it's beautiful."

Pregnant Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova stripped down to her undies for the cover of Italian Vanity Fair in 2006. And in one of the most stunning pregnancy covers, Claudia Schiffer was pregnant with her third child when she was snapped by Karl Lagerfeld for the June 2010 issue of German Vogue.

"It was important to us to show how beautiful it is to be a woman and that you can have a positive attitude towards your body, including when you're expecting," Claudia said about choosing to do the cover.

Posing nude while pregnant is certainly a publicity gimmick which has been proven to work for both the stars and magazines.

It's why magazines invite the likes of Milla Jovovich and Myleene Klass to reveal all while expecting -- nude pregnant women sell lots of magazines, it seems, in spite of claims that celebrities are exploiting their unborn children by revealing their bumps for publicity.