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Why women are mean to each other

VIRGINA MACARI (actress) It always surprises me that women display such misogynistic behaviour towards each other.

It blocks the ability to support each other. Women often react with jealousy when they see other women claiming a level of entitlement they can only dream of. My girlfriends are my sisters. The saying "together we stand, divided we fall" is so true.

AMANDA BRUNKER (author) I believe women become bitches in the workplace. I think they have to, to be taken seriously. It is sad to see some women take it to extremes, but I understand it as they've clearly been ignored or wounded previously. I don't feel the need to be bitchy because I'm lucky to know many of Ireland's successful writers and I couldn't be bitchy to them -- I've too much respect for them.

PIPPA O'CONNOR (model) I don't think women are intentionally bitchy. We are very different to men. We are hard on ourselves and our appearance, so I think we always look at one another without always realising it. We look to see what the other is wearing.

If someone is attractive, I think some women might feel threatened. But I think that's just in us.