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Why girls should stop hunting in packs to find their true love

Irish women should steer clear of nightclubs if they want to maximise their chances of finding love, according to a dating expert.

And female singletons are scaring off Irish men with "the pack syndrome" -- where they gather in gangs and send out the wrong signals in pubs and clubs.

Anne-Marie Cussen, who has penned Ireland's first guide book to dating, says Irish girls need to start partying in groups of twos and threes to attract the right man.


"It's the pack syndrome. Irish girls are going out in lots of packs, there can be up to ten or 12 in a group together and they tend to do their own thing," she explained.

"They've been working hard all week, and they're meeting up for a chat, and engrossed in conversation with friends, and that's not ideal."

But Cussen says Irish men need to be more upfront about their feelings, and tell their dates for once and for all if they'd like to meet up again.

"Irish men tend to be a little unsure of whether they want to be in a relationship or not, and they're not straightforward with people," she said. "They should be open and straightforward with someone, and it's important that they don't just go on three dates with someone and then not contact them again."

Cussen's new book, The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating -- Meet Your Match, exposes the dating scene, and highlights the dos and don'ts of dating in Ireland.

"There's not really a dating culture in Ireland. People bump into one another in a nightclub and all of a sudden they're dating without knowing much about the person.

"It's a grey area in Ireland, when people are dating exclusively or when they're going out."

According to Cussen, 79pc of men take just 15 minutes to determine whether they want to see a woman again but 64pc of women take an hour to make the same decision.

And she maintains that conversation killers like past relationships, dieting, body image, and politics should be banned from first dates.


"Dressing would be another thing. I tell them (clients) to look after how they dress, and instead of a T-shirt to wear a shirt," she added.

"Both guys and girls need to brush up on things. Manners is a big one. Do open a door for the lady, do be aware of their presence. Be present and in the moment, and go out and make it a great date. Make yourself look well, and wear what's comfortable, and enjoy the company of the other person."