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What's the best way to break up with someone?

Fiona Cummins (20), Ranelagh

It depends on how long you're going out together. If it's only a few weeks, then you could do it by text. But if it was longer than that, face to face would be best.

joanne pyziak (24), dun laoghaire

It would have to be in person and you would have to be completely honest. You should tell them the truth -- that's the best way.

cathy cowan (27), dublin 8

I think that the best way is to be honest and and you should do it face to face.

And you should try to be sympathetic. If you have been together a long while, you don't want to hurt their feelings.

jo-ann enright (24), cork

I think face to face. And it would have to be somewhere private, in case they cried. You have to be honest -- don't say, "We're going on a break."

donna bissett (22), clontarf

The most uncomfortable but dignified way is to talk to them honestly. It's best to do it at their house, so you can leave. Don't do it in public, as they might cry.

maria marks (17), rathmines

The best way to break up with someone is to contact them and say that "we need to talk". You shouldn't do it when you're on a night out or do it by text.