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What's on offer ...

Gardeners soap, £6: Mary Portas's shop is filled with all sorts of trinkets, nick-nacks and extras that women like to surround themselves with, and this fresh-smelling soap is one of them. It's insider tips like this that will transform everyday handwashing into a fabulous fashion experience.

Tunic dress, by Mary Portas, £186: You may scorn the tunic dress as passe -- and indeed the long-top-over-leggings look is out -- but layering a brightly coloured mid-length jersey dress with thick woollen tights is one of the easiest ways to look stylish in autumn, with the added bonus that you'll be ready and out of the door in no time. Simple and stylish.

La Portas wedge boot, Clarks for Mary Portas, £120: Why struggle in heels when you can wear a wedge? This pair, named after Mary herself, are a good height to flatter legs and add a bit of 'oomph', but are solid and stable enough to hike for miles in.