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'We were wheeled in the same pram'


Niamh Sherlock is this year's Dublin Rose and will be attending the Rose of Tralee Festival next week. She works with the Make a Wish Foundation and is the youngest of five children. We chatted to her and her sister Eadaoin, a social care worker, about their relationship.

>Niamh "I have three sisters and a brother. Eadaoin is 15 months older than me and I suppose we spent more time together growing up because we were closer in age -- she would always take care of me. Our mum passed away nine years ago and one of Eadaoin's first reactions was to check how I was feeling.

"In general, Eadaoin is a very thoughtful person. She never thinks of herself -- she's very caring and that's why she is good at her job. She has strength of character and she also has this sense of calm.

"We're very different in some ways -- I play football while Eadaoin was never into sport and preferred music. We get on very well but we did kill each other as kids! We had to share a room when we were growing up and we knew exactly how to drive each other mad.

"Eadaoin is a very important part of my life and we always make time to see each other, no matter what's going on."

>Eadaoin "Niamh is very bubbly, outgoing and very sociable. She has a great curiosity about things and spent time over in Australia. I remember having more tears when she came back than when she went away -- I was relieved that she was home safe.

"We were always referred to as 'the babies' because we were close in age -- we were wheeled down the road together in the Silvercross pram. We were always together when we were growing up and had no qualms in telling each other everything. Our two older sisters were close in age, too, so they had a similar relationship with each other.

"When Niamh applied for the Dublin Rose competition, I thought she'd be great for it as she's the quintessential Rose. She's outgoing, smart and good with people. She had a ball doing it and was thrilled when she became the Dublin Rose. All of our extended family is planning to go to the festival to cheer her on. Niamh has got a lot out of it and has made a lot of friends."