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ashley olsen

Undercover agent in the Middle East or extra in Indiana Jones movie?

eva mendes

This lady owns this look - red carpet ready or popping out for milk, she makes it work

Karolina Kurkova

The model looks sparkly like a holiday - it's a Rachel Zoe design and it's never really clear who the stylist wants to impress with her taste

erin wasson

Model, actress, occasional stylist and designer. Sure it's hard to focus on one thing, like the headgear

solange knowles

She just makes it all look cool

jennifer lopez

You could argue either way, but J-Lo has the chutzpah and the looks to pull off a lot of styles us ordinary folks can't

nicole Scherzinger

A sniff too much of genie in a bottle antics here

kate moss

Another example of 'yeah, but why the turban?'

june ambrose

She's a celebrity stylist who always looks good and knows how to carry herself. Worth every penny for those on her books





Looks like she wants to be 
left alone




It could be a cultural thing, a skin-tone thing or a simple comfort-zone thing, but most white women look a little odd in a turban.

Maybe we're nothing without our hair on show, maybe we're not that comfortable having it all that pared back or perhaps it's to do with the fact that the turban is known as a very religious millinery hat - for men.

Who knows why, but it's self-evident that we find it harder to look cool in headgear.

The black and Latin women on these pages all rock the look, while Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Karolina Kurkova, Erin Wasson and Ashley Olsen - all known for having their finger on the fashion pulse - look diminished for not having their locks on show.

Eva Mendes is the star most synonymous with the look, and she wears it better than pretty much anyone else.

Of course it helps that she seems to wear all trends well - she's got that Larry David thing of appearing absolutely at home in her own skin.

Everything else is just layers to her, to be added to and subtracted from depending on her mood and perhaps the weather.

Her excellent posture is notable too - her neck is another body part to be admired, so having her hair scooped away from it draws attention to this.

Stylist to the stars June Ambrose is another lady who knows the value of good posture and a long, elegant neck.