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Three times a lady

Dress 1

LADY GAGA first sashayed down the white carpet in a Victorian-inspired Alexander McQueen number, complete with a high collar embellished with jewels.

The Pokerface singer, who has proven her allegiance to McQueen by regularly wearing his outrageous frocks at various high profile events, wore one of his most eye-catching outfits yet.

Sporting a new purple and blue hairdo under her golden headpiece, she once again showed that nothing is off limits when it comes to her style.

And unlike fellow celebrities, Gaga didn't comb through Hollywood in search of the best gown possible — instead she wore the same unique frock that she donned in the September issue of US magazine Vanity Fair.

Underneath the exaggerated mermaid-style gown, she sported a pair of McQueen’s signature 12-inch heels, which have become her shoes of choice in music videos.

Dress 2

Although she came under fire last week for sporting a “meat bikini” on the cover of Japanese Vogue, she has apparently developed a penchant for the previously unheard-of style of clothing.

Her meat ensemble even featured a fillet-style headpiece. And what meat outfit would be complete without a pair of custom-made platform meat runners?

As if the meat itself wasn't enough, she left little to the imagination when she turned around baring her buttocks under a pair of black fishnet tights.

So how do you accessorise such a zany outfit? With oversized diamonds, of course. And the bigger the better. She wore an eye-catching ring, huge necklace and two diamond cuffs — injecting some much-needed glamour into the edible ensemble.

Veteran singer Cher presented the New Yorker with her second award for her video Bad Romance, and she quipped: “I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.”

Dress 3

THE SUPERSTAR walked on stage in a huge black dress — another outfit courtesy of McQueen's collection — which was so heavy that she needed some of her minders to help her off the stage.

“This outfit's too heavy to walk in. I apologise if I'm a little slow this evening. Fashion roadkill, but that's okay,” she quipped.

The black leather ruffled dress was paired with a foot-tall headpiece, thought to be designed by Irish milliner Philip Treacy, whose pieces have regularly adorned the singer's head at awards ceremonies.

But the Mohawk-style headpiece was one of her most demure looks of the night. And in spite of her notoriety in the fashion community for her outrageous style, she showed a hint of tradition with her hair, which she wore in a chignon.