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Those hot sisters still sizzling in their sixties

The image of Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Ivana Trump, posing in flesh-coloured underwear last week smashed all the stereotypes about older women losing their looks and confidence. On the contrary, Trump proved that sex appeal doesn't fade with age.

Draped across a pillar and lying on her front on a chaise longue, the 60 year old made her younger counterpart, Page 3 girl Nicola Tappenden, look like a timid schoolgirl in comparison.

Worse was Stephanie Beacham advising her fellow senior citizen, Trump, not to strip off. "I suppose I'm being ageist," conceded the woman who was wearing her hair in piggytails during the show.

Trump is another older woman challenging the ageist agenda by refusing to conform to the expectations of her age bracket. She, and other women are realising that being a sex symbol is not synonymous with age.

Consider the recent Ask Men online study of the world's most desirable female stars. The results were determined by more than six million votes. Women in their 30s and 40s represent nearly 40pc of the top picks, while the average age of the 20 highest vote earners is 31.

"Older women are not only on this year's list, they're really high on the list," said James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen.com.

Elsewhere, the film industry is reflecting the trend. Sixty-year-old Meryl Streep is on screens in comedy, It's Complicated. She plays a divorced woman pursued by her ex-husband, who is no longer interested in his much younger 'trophy' girlfriend.

Signourney Weaver, also 60, is soon to star in Cedar Rapids, in which she plays the lover of a man almost half her age.

"I play his grade-school science teacher that he had a crush on," Weaver explained. "Years later, we consummate our relationship and are going out, but I have to break it off because he's so serious about me."

It reminds me of arch seductress, Anne Bancroft, playing Mrs Robinson in The Graduate. It was a case of life imitating art when our very own Mrs Robinson's affair with a 19-year-old boy came to light.

She might have disproved her Bible-bashing pontifications, but she proved that older women can be still be sexually alluring.

Even Playboy magazine has tapped into the trend. Dutch singer, Patricia Paay, became the oldest woman to appear on the magazine's pages last month.

The sixty year old, who posed for the magazine twice in her heyday, proved that she's still got it some 40 years later.

The new wave of older woman represented in the media are simply sexy, irrespective of their age or tenure.