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the thig h's the new limit for boots

when debating the pluses and minuses of over the knee boots (OTKBs), one has to take a 'sum of parts' approach.

It's not the boots or even their Pretty Woman association that cause the bother, given the fact that they have very much become mainstream, it's what you choose when it comes to the rest of your display that can give out all the wrong vibes.

Worn over leggings, skinny jeans or opaque tights they rarely raise an eyebrow, never mind a pulse - there are exceptions, see Rose McGowan.

It's when OTKBs are worn with a hint of thigh flesh on show that imaginations can run riot.


They work best with a low-key approach - Emma Stone and Dakota Fanning have it bang on - although Nicole Scherzinger really nails a more dressed-up approach to them with her demure white dress that offers only a glimpse of skin.

Miranda Kerr is on the fence territory while Rihanna and Heidi Klum simply went too far.

It's the designers' favourite muse Olivia Palermo who shows how to do it with style and panache - stay classy.

Emma Stone

Wears Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots


The singer looks overwhelmed by these Dolce & Gabanna booties

rose mcgowan

There's far too much going on here but the worst thing is Rose looks uncomfortable


OTT in Tom Ford

Laura Whitmore

Not classy enough for this Bray beauty

heidi klum

Too far off the moderate approach here

olivia Palermo

So far there's no look she doesn't make her own

dakota fanning

Wears Alexander Wang and looks pitch perfect

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer strikes the right balance between sexy and feminine

Miranda Kerr

A tad too street-walkery