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The secret life of Grainne Seoige


Have Sile over for a girly catch up. She wants to know if there’ll be any roving reporter slot for her on Daybreak. Distract her by showing off my latest ‘edgy’ fashion ensemble.


I have so many ideas. A few come to me while I'm at the gym -- definitely more current affairs. That means less smiling for me, y'see.


Since announcing my marriage heartbreak, I've been experiencing a whole new lease of life in the wardrobe department. That playsuit teamed with knee-high riding boots is proving to be a winner for the paps.


I'm not sure why there's all this media interest in seeing how myself and Christine Bleakley will get on, so I send her a text saying that I can't wait to work together. She really is a lovely girl.


Being on the telly over the pond (the Sasanaigh will all be speaking Irish before the year is out) means it's time to give Louis a call and see where the kids are chillin' these days. Then get our nails done and have a gossip about who's so 'now' and who's so 'yesterday'.


Time to let the gruaig down and hit Krystle with Sile. She asks me again if she could have a gig on Daybreak reviewing tourist attractions. Hmm.


Glenda Gilson came up to me last night and asked my advice on how to break into the UK. I told her to become fluent as Gaeilge and then see where she is.