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The Secret life of Grainne Seoige


Issue a press release through my agent, thanking everyone for respecting my privacy. And my family's privacy. And my dog's privacy. Rover really appreciates it. That's all from me now. Slan.


No press releases to, well, release today but that Broadband package isn't going to launch itself. I think I'll wear something red and fabulous just to show everyone that they're not going to catch me looking wistful and sad. Perish the thought!


The pictures from yesterday's launch are in the papers and they all quote that "wistful and sad" comment. Never let it be said that us Seoiges aren't as tough as old boots. Or, indeed, Twink wearing a pair of old boots.


I hate it when people say that they 'might' be going here or there, or that 'such and such is in the pipeline'. Saddos! That's why I'm not saying anything about my possible move to GMTV. Not a word.


If I did move to GMTV -- which isn't even on the cards -- I wonder if Max Clifford would represent me? Maybe he could help me show -- what's that word again? Oh yeah. Emotion.


Head for Krystle with Sile, my number one gal pal, for a special, once-off night out. It's not like we're here every week -- honest.


And now it's the weekend again. Which means that you -- yes, you -- have to respect my privacy.

Or this is how it would be if we were Grainne