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The secret life if Brian Dowling


OMG, my fans have been, like, so supportive. Did I mention that I did it for them?


I'm a two-time Big Brother winner -- that's like the Oscars of reality TV. So I should have no problems getting a gig, right? Unless there's some Big Brother curse, like there is with winning an Oscar. Look at Marisa Tomei, for pity's sake.


My agent has set up meetings for the rest of the week, so we'll just have to see. In the meantime, do a quick Tesco run and end up signing autographs beside a stack of loo rolls. Fabulous!


My agent says that there's an interesting project from TV3 in the pipeline and they're interested in meeee! Apparently, it's for a new show called Celebrity Garage, where a motley bunch of celebs (that'd be me!) try running a garage for a week. Ooh fun!


Agent called. The other people TV3 have in mind for the show so far are: Breffny from last year's Apprentice, Jedward, Kevin Webster from Coronation Street (ooh, a real mechanic!) and the girl who was kicked off The X Factor for punching her friend.


Another call from my agent! Apparently, Kevin Webster's a big fan of mine! OMG!


Most celebs don't do their own shopping, but I'm not like that. Pop over to Tesco for another quick shop and pray that the work offers keep flooding in over the next few weeks so that I don't end up working there.

Or this is how it would be if we were Brian Dowling