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The price of silence

A €1,500 FEE for a prostitute buys sex but not silence, as Wayne Rooney has discovered.

Vice-girl Jenny Thompson has spilled the beans about her alleged romps with the Manchester United player while his wife, Coleen, was pregnant with their son Kai. It is the fourth time that Rooney has been accused of paying for sex and not the first time he has been caught out, and had his off-field performance critiqued in the media. Call girl Jenny is quoted as saying: “Wayne told us he’d never had a threesome before. He was shy and awkward — and me and my friend were left to do all the work.”

It’s all pretty unedifying stuff, and we have also learned from the brunette who solicited Wayne in a casino, that sex with the footballer felt a bit seedy, and was a bit “samey”.

Aspiring lingerie model Jenny (21) also said of Rooney (24), “Wayne was really quite plain in his routine. He wanted straight sex with a little bit of ‘naughty’ thrown in — but not too naughty.”

It begs the question, do famous men believe they are buying anonymity when they pay for a bit on the side, and with a woman they think they’ll never see or hear from again?

Do they operate under the illusion that because the money transaction is transparent, that they are purchasing a wall of protection for their sleazy behaviour?

Grandmother Patricia Tiernan (54), who was visited by Wayne when she worked in a Liverpool massage parlour in 2002, has come out in defence of long-suffering Coleen. She said: “I feel so desperately sorry for Coleen that all this is being dredged up again. She must be ashamed of her husband.”

The woman at the centre of Rooney’s most recent prostitute shame is nicknamed ‘Juicy Jen’, and claims she slept with the player seven times over a period of months, often meeting him under the noses of team-mates.

She has said of her meetings with one of the world’s most famous footballers: “He was trying to be filthy but he couldn’t quite do it. He’s quite shy. He didn’t mention anything about Coleen and I didn’t bring it up.”

Or does Wayne, who is estimated to be worth €40m, just not care about being exposed once again as sly, sleazy and sordid, regardless of what his wife, pregnant at the time of his assignations with a sex worker, would surely feel.

Did Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen believe that paying a reported €35,000 over a two-year period to former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss would gain him some kind of special protection, over and above, say, that experienced by Hugh Grant when he was arrested with a prostitute on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard?

If he was counting on having his identity kept private, he must have been sorely disappointed. The star of Two and a Half Men was publicly attacked by former brothel owner Fleiss when his marriage to former Playboy model Denise Richards floundered five years ago.

Fleiss claimed Sheen’s marriage to Richards was doomed because the playboy actor loved the company of prostitutes too much. Richards filed for divorce from the actor in March 2005.

Meanwhile, a prostitute called Chloe Jones dismissed claims by the actor's father Martin Sheen that the Wall Street star hadn’t cheated on Richards, by claiming in US tabloids that she and Sheen — an old client — met and enjoyed oral sex in a Hollywood hotel in February 2005.

Sheen denied her claims. Former madam Heidi Fleiss added to Sheen’s public shame by saying she wasn’t surprised that Sheen’s marriage was over. She said, “The guy’s a rat.” She also said she felt sorry for the actor’s pregnant wife Denise Richards: “She's got to be devastated. She should take all the money and move on and forget about him.”

A woman who calls herself Monica Mint recently claimed that Spurs player Peter Crouch paid her €950 for liaisons in the back of a taxi and at an €100-a-night hotel.

The 19-year-old Algerian-born prostitute is said to have been introduced to the footballer in a Madrid nightclub where drink flowed, including a two-litre bottle of vodka and a bottle of champagne. A friend of Crouch asked how much she charged before she and the €85,000-a-week footballer got into a taxi. Mint said: “We stopped at the traffic lights while I was doing what he wanted and he didn’t seem to mind that people could have seen him.”

Crouch’s fiancee and TV presenter Abbey Clancy is said to be devastated by the recent revelations. A friend said: “She tried to put a brave face on things and got through the day as best as she could like a professional but you could see she was in pieces from the news.”

It’s not that hush money mitigates a betrayal or degrading behaviour. Yet, if a famous man doesn’t give it a second thought, it’s a sure sign he either doesn’t care about his other half ’s feelings, or is stupid enough to think he’ll never get caught.