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I wouldn't call myself a Twihard (an obsessive Twilight fan). I went into the screening with a little knowledge and appreciation for the series, but with no expectations.

To my surprise, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse proved to be an entertaining film. The opening was dark and intense, with the introduction of the Newborns -- newly bitten vampires who are blood-crazed, in possession of supernatural strength and unable to control their killing sprees -- creating a more interesting conflict than the already stale Cullens vs Blacks contention.

With the Newborns causing havoc on the streets of Seattle, the Cullens feel obliged to destroy the rapidly growing army and stop the slaughter. Twilight fans will enjoy the battle scenes between the Newborns and the newly formed Cullen-Black legion, even if the sequences have a slightly jaded feel to them.

Just as in the last two films, the main focus is the passionate, torrid romantic relationship between mortal Bella Swan, vampire heartthrob, Edward Cullen, and the abs-tastic werewolf Jacob Black.

However, as much as the film is about romance, it's also about Bella maturing and discovering her true identity.

On the heels of her high-school graduation, she reassesses her decisions and battles with leaving her human life -- and Jacob -- behind in exchange for becoming a vampire and enjoying everlasting love with Edward.

Although it was a tad melodramatic and overly serious for my tastes, I'd say this will be an instant hit with fans of the series. HHHII

I DON'T get the popularity of The Twilight Saga; Harry Potter is more my thing. I'm certainly no Twihard. However, I approached The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with an open mind.

I hoped it wouldn't play up the overly sappy, Romeo and Juliet-themed romance between Bella and Edward, which the previous two movies had done. I was sorely disappointed. With any number of lovey-dovey scenes, the movie is a perfect choice for a soppy romantic.

However, the movie also deals with darker issues, and contains more blood and gore than its prequels. The opening scene, an attack by Newborn vampires on an innocent passer-by, sets the scene for the rest of the movie. Victoria, a bitter vampire, is seeking revenge on Edward for killing her other half. She organises an army of Newborn vampires, with the intent of killing Bella.

Dealing with two very contrasting themes, it seemed that the movie flitted from happy-happy to psychotic and murderous too quickly, leaving the viewer too caught up in the previous scenes to focus on the next.

While being chased by an army of vampires, Bella is also made to choose between her relationship with 'bloodsucker' Edward, and her friendship with 'the dog' Jacob Black.

When Bella's safety is put at risk, Edward and Jacob are forced to cast aside their differences to protect her. The competition between the two characters provides humour in this otherwise serious movie.

The third instalment of the Twilight series focuses more on other important characters, such as the rest of the Cullen family, than the previous Twilight and New Moon. It looks into their histories to give the viewer a better understanding of the vampire-mortal situation.

However, I felt that, to really understand certain concepts, you would need to watch, or preferably read, its previous episodes.

The movie ends with the viewer still wondering will she, or will she not, finally become a vampire? And while there are two more films to the series in the pipeline, this love story is already beginning to drag. HHHII