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The 10 don'ts of friendship

1> The Big One. Don’t steal their other half, a la Elizabeth Taylor.

2> Don’t ask them to help you cover an affair or to lie to your partner on your behalf

3> Don’t ask them for money. It just never works.

4> Don’t ask for more emotional support than they can give.

5> Inspired by a current Corrie storyline, don’t ask them to marry you so you can stay in the country.

6> It’s obvious but don’t ask them to do anything illegal.

7> Don’t ask them to testify to something that isn’t true.

8> You may read amazing success stories in magazines but, in general, it’s not a good idea to ask a friend to help you conceive a child.

9> Don’t ask a friend to write a made-up reference for you.

10> It’s not always a don’t, but be very, very careful if you’re thinking about asking a friend to take your friendship to the next level.