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Spooks brew up a storm

Haunting and deathless?

Neither. Stephanie Plum, heroine of the world's best-selling comedy mystery series, is hunting a paranormal murderer. Or maybe he's hunting her.

Paranormal how?

Gerwulf Grimoire likes to kill people by wrenching their heads around backwards and then, leaving the burn-mark of his hand on them, he disappears in a cloud of smoke.


But Plum has the help of Diesel, Wulf's cousin, who's just as paranormal, and has the hots for her. And there's a monkey.

And monkey business?

Plum, oddly, never seems to get any except from her long-suffering cop boyfriend, Joe Morelli. But Joe is currently babysitting a cousin, who's been thrown out by the wife.

But this monkey?

Carl is a monkey who's all too like a small boy. He spends most of the action playing Mario Brothers, when he's not intervening to save Plum from the villains.

These villains?

Wulf is truly evil. He's bankrolling the weather experiments of nerdy Martin Munch -- together they hope to blackmail governments by threatening them with demonic storms.

Explain again why Plum's involved?

Ah. Yes. Plum is a bounty-hunter -- her job is to bring in folks who have forgotten to appear for their court dates. She has two big jobs on at the moment: Munch, who's disappeared with his employer's caesium vapour magnometer, and Gordon Bollo, who's run over his ex-wife's new husband. Twice.

All is clear.

And the monkey was doorstepped on her by a former client, who is on her honeymoon.

Good fun?

Starts strong but towards the end you get the feeling that Evanovich is thoroughly sick of Stephanie Plum and all to do with her. Which is fine, because there's going to be a movie soon, starring Katherine Heigl. Now that should be fun.