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Sometimes it’s hard to be a gorgeous and brilliant woman

Sophie Dahl was basically forced to 'insist' at the weekend that she did not want to get into a "catfight" with Nigella Lawson over cookery shows.

The former model's new programme, The Delicious Miss Dahl, kicks off tonight on BBC2 and while Dahl (pictured below) said, in a recent interview, she was a fan of Ms Lawson and described her as a "Goddess" people just cannot help stirring the s**t where there is, mainly, none.

If we were dealing with two blokes semi-competing for the same market nothing much would be said. We'd all just sit back and wait to see who actually had the bigger willy.

"Let them at it," we'd say. "And sure isn't there room in the market for two equally well-endowed men!"

Pitting two 'hot' women against one another isn't exactly a new sport. But it has, in fact, become slightly tedious for some of us side-show Bobs -- especially when both of the women happen to be successful, accomplished, prolific and, of course, stunningly gorgeous.

It's the last quality that seems to down grade them to 'let's have a wet T-shirt fight' territory.

The constant weight-watching of female celebs such as Dahl and Lawson is equally mind-numbing. The former even said that she believed some women felt "betrayed" when she shed her puppy fat, downsizing from a 16 to a 10.

The fact that they are both now celebrity cooks (not apparently the same as being a celebrity chef) magnifies the situation and focus on their figures.

"How I view my body hasn't been uncomplicated, but that was because my body was discussed and dissected at great length in a very public forum when I was at a formative age," said Dahl.

Valid. Point.

Like most women, my own weight has fluctuated over the years. But no one apart from my folks and male best friend would ever dare comment on my hips.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman. But it's always bloody good craic -- because when we're being picked on we're unbeatable.

So let's hope both Lawson and Dahl keep up the day job.