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So is beauty just skin deep?

So who are the female modelisers, and how solid are their relationships? Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry were cosy and in love for four years until they broke up in early April. However, there's speculation the couple has reunited after they spent a play day together with daughter Nahla in Disneyland in June. Aubry has done work for Versace and Ralph Lauren.

Madonna and Brazilian model Jesus Luz reportedly shared a passionate kiss while watching Jay-Z perform at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park this month. This is in spite of reports that Luz ended their year-long relationship in February due to their 28-year age difference.

Singer Kelly Osbourne (25) is getting over her recent break-up with model Luke Worrall (20) after a two-year romance.

And for the happy ever after, there's Dannii Minogue, who recently had a baby son, Ethan, with her rugby- player-turned-model boyfriend Kris Smith. Could it be that more alpha females are viewing male models as a very viable option in the romantic stakes?