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Snail mail may be slow, but a real letter carries more weight

Amid the recent frenzy about sex texters -- Tiger Woods, Vernon Kay (betrayed wife Tess Daly pictured below) and Ronan Keating can all take a bow -- the launch of a new competition to find the UK's best letter writer intrigued me. Despite having lots of bills to pay, a mortgage, etc, I still check my letter box each day with an inexplicable hope that there will be something of a more personal nature sitting there.

My aunties, Babs and Teresa, never fail to post me birthday cards and some of my friends, despite being of the computer generation, actually still send me notes from time to time.

I also have a box of old letters from an ex-boyfriend in my hallway cupboard and I honestly can't see myself ever throwing them out -- despite the fact that the relationship took place more than a decade ago. Mammy O'Keeffe refers to this hoarding as my 'magpie tendency'. I think I'm just sentimental.

The current beau also writes me notes. Sometimes he gets a gentle reminder along the lines of: "Oh gosh, hasn't it been ages since you last wrote," but his missives are always worth the wait. And they are far more appreciated than a text or email.

And sure, of course, I too rely on email and text (not sex texts I can assure you -- that's just creepy) but nothing beats finding a little note in my letter box from someone who cares.

Poppa O'Keeffe recently returned from visiting his sister in the US -- days later he received a long letter from her, while she sent Mrs O'Keeffe a card to wish her luck with a future venture.

Now that's one classy lady.

Anyway -- I'm not ancient but, equally, I can no longer be considered a spring chicken so I see both sides of the coin. Email and text are handy and convenient -- but for me nothing beats a handwritten note from someone I love. And it only costs a stamp.

I guess I'm a cheap date! > Dee O'Keeffe