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'She's As much a friend as a mum'

Jenny Huston is a RTE 2FM DJ and is the middle child in her family, with an older sister and younger brother. We caught up with her and her mum Jane, who is a jewellery designer, to talk about their relationship.

>jenny "My mum has long had her own business as a jewellery designer -- when we were small, she worked from home. She set up a company with a friend so she would have the flexibility to pick us up from school. Mum is very talented and skilled with her jewellery design.

"Mum is a straight shooter and I like to think I've got some honesty from her. She has this really strong sense of ethics -- whether it's business or personal life.

"We have a great giggle together. Mum lives in Kilkenny and I'm in Dublin but she comes up to stay with me quite often and vice versa. We go on trips together and I feel she's as much a friend to me as she is a mum.

"When I look back, I think of times such as Hallowe'en when Mum would help with our costumes or do puppet shows. She helped us paint Easter eggs -- she was very creative with us.

"When I was a teenager, I was your typical nightmare. That stage is generally fraught for mums and daughters. Mum moved back to Ireland from Canada, and I followed when I had finished college. That's when we really grew closer."

>jane "Jenny is the middle child in the family and I think first children are probably more serious, whereas second children have the advantage of not doing something for the first time in the family.

"Jenny has always been pretty extroverted. As a teenager, she decided that she'd work to have her own money and she's always been a hard worker.

"I think the rest of our family have to hold her in a bit of awe -- to be a presenter, you're putting yourself in the public domain. Jenny makes it look easy but it's probably not.

"She's a very loyal friend. When we lived in Canada, she always managed to keep in touch with her cousins over here.

"Our relationship has matured. I ask Jenny for her advice and she asks for mine and I think we trust each other implicitly. We've had several trips away -- Jenny took me away to Rome on my birthday."

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