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Pricepoints: Ready-made mushroom soup

Ready-made soups are one of the growing sectors in our supermarkets and food stores, with a number of specialist food companies muscling in on the big brands.

Many are only available locally so check your local delis and fruit and veg shops.

In our test the small brands did best.

Originally, we had included Erin Soupfuls Creamy Chicken, Potato and Mushroom and had awarded it a mark of 7/10 but it was later disqualified for not being a mushroom-only soup.

All soups were tasted blind by a team of three.

Just Food Organic Mushroom Soup, €3.40 for 670ml Mortons, Field & Vine (www.justfood.ie)

Very solid earthy mushroom flavours. Intense taste of mushrooms and was indistinguishable from the best homemade soup. This is a thick blended soup but small pieces of fresh mushroom improved texture. Excellent. 9/10

Brownes Mushroom Soup, €2.99 for 600g, Supervalu

Earthy and complex mushroom flavours. Quite a solid soup but a little lighter in flavour than we would have liked. Close to homemade, but not quite rich enough. 7.5/10

Cully and Sully Mighty Mushroom Soup, €2.49 for 400g

Solid homemade look with good rich flavour. Unfortunately the dominant flavour was celery rather than mushrooms. Tasty, but needed more mushrooms. 7/10

Dunnes Mushroom Soup, €1.65 for 500g

Distinct mushroom flavour, clearly made with lots of mushrooms and onions, if a little light. Best of the supermarket brands. 6.5/10

Avonmore Creamy Button Mushroom Soup, €2.69 for 600g

Bland, very mild mushroom flavours. Too thin and lacking in flavour. Bits of whole sliced mushroom helped, but there were far too few.


Superquinn Fresh Mushroom Soup, €2.69 for 500g

Colour was the main reason for identifying it as mushroom soup rather than the flavour. Not unpleasant, but far too bland. 5.5/10

Knorr Special Recipe Soup, €2.59 for 570ml

Very mild mushroom flavour but mostly tastes of salt and spices (all spice and nutmeg). Not pleasant. The slimy baby mushrooms make it taste even worse. 4/10