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Nearest and dearest: 'Oh, yes he is' a laugh a minute

Alan Hughes is a presenter on TV3's Ireland AM and is gearing up for a stint in pantomime at the Tivoli Theatre. He is friends with Lisa Wallace, who has her own beauty salon, Absolute Beauty, in Malahide. We found out how they became fast friends.

>Alan "I first met Lisa because I started going into her salon to get treatments and she was the therapist. With the 5.30am starts, I felt I was getting tired-looking so I went to get some facials done. At the time, Lisa's salon was beside the gym that I went to, so it was handy to pop in.

"We got talking to each other and have since become good friends -- we go out to events and we've gone on holiday together. Lisa has the most wonderful bubbly personality and anyone who meets her comments on how lovely she is.

"We've built up a really good friendship over the years and she gives great advice. I think the reason we get on so well is that our outlook is similar -- we're here for a good time, not for a long time. She's a very positive person and she also cares a lot about her business and her customers.

"I have lots of memories of us over the years but I can't divulge too many of them! Whenever I'm in her company, it's not too long before she'll make me laugh."

>Lisa "I've known Alan for five years. It wasn't until a couple of months after he started coming in for treatments that we got talking about what we were doing for the weekend ahead and Alan ended up inviting me along to a night out.

"Alan is very inclusive -- he always likes to include his friends in things. He's also very good with people and is very compassionate. In the business I'm in as well, a lot of it is to do with interacting with people, so we seem to have that in common.

"If Alan is doing something for a charity, he throws himself in heart and soul and treats it like he's doing a professional job. He's also got a great sense of humour and is very open.

"One of the best nights I've had with Alan was the last night of the pantomime last year. We were out with a big group of people and it really was the most hilarious and fantastic time."

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