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'Mum has always been glamorous'

Tara Heavey is a novelist who has just had her fifth book, Where the Love Gets In, published. She's also a mum-of-two and is expecting her third child. We caught up with her and her mum, Maureen, to talk about their mother-daughter relationship.

>tara "The qualities I most admire in my mum are the ones I don't have myself. She's an extremely efficient and organised person who gets things done.

"She's very good with her hands -- she did the wallpaper in the house when we were younger -- and she's very good at dressmaking.

"Mum is an extremely generous person -- she travels a lot and anytime she comes back from a holiday, she's laden with gifts.

"She's a wonderful grandmother -- she spends loads of time with the children and gets them involved in activities.

"My mum has always been glamorous -- I remember her picking me up from school one day when I was five or six. I was holding her hand and looking up at her, so proud to have her as my mummy.

"We had our differences when I was a teenager but those were ironed out in adulthood. I think our relationship has changed -- especially after I became a mother myself. Having children changes your perspective more than anything else."

>maureen "Tara is a very caring, kind and unique person. She's always very sociable and keeps in touch with her friends. She's a great mother to her kids.

"She has always been very interested in the environment and is an animal lover, with two cats and a dog.

"Tara was always interested in English -- when she was about two-and-a-half, I got her library membership. I think she read every Enid Blyton in the library. I always knew some day she would write a book and she's living her dream now.

"One of the memories I have of Tara growing up is that she was always going to birthday parties -- she loved socialising.

"She is a very calm person -- she doesn't lose her temper very often. She's quite spiritual and is patient with her children.

"I don't think our relationship has changed that much. I live in Dublin and Tara is in Kilkenny but we go up and down to see each other. I'm very proud of her and love to keep track of what's happening with her books."

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