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Mothers & Daughters: Lucy O'Byrne

LUCY O'BYRNE is an actress and singer who appeared in a lead role in The Wedding Singer at the Helix.

She's 19, has an older sister and helps out at her mum Carol's stage school (www.songand dance.ie). We caught up with Lucy and Carol to talk about their mother-daughter relationship.


“My mum is really good fun and is a very creative person. She's very outgoing and will talk to anyone. If I go to the supermarket with her, she'll know three or four people and will stop to chat.

“Mum is a very giving person as well. She has given me and my sister Rachel a great start. We're a close family and are all involved in shows; my dad has worked as a singer and actor and my mum as a dancer and choreographer. They both direct shows and we work together.

“People don't really say that I look like my mum, although someone told me recently that I look the image of her —that hadn’t happened before!

I think I'm a little bit shyer than her. “Mum has always been there and she can get me through anything. It's a really hard business to be in and to earn money in but, through it all, I feel that my mum supports me.”


“Lucy isn't naturally outgoing and she would be a bit shy if she didn’t know you. But on stage you wouldn't see that as she has so much confidence and really takes on the role.

“Lucy has a wicked sense of humour and she really makes me laugh. “Lucy is very caring and she's always the peacemaker if there is an argument.

“I always think of the first time she sang solo on stage; she was around six or eight. She was due to go on stage but there was no sign of her. She was under the table because she got stage fright. But her drama teacher persuaded her to go out and she sang a song from Les Miserables — she had the audience in awe.

“Lucy was born on Christmas Day and I always say she was the best present ever. Our relationship has changed because she is an adult now. I can see how grown up she has become and how she has blossomed.”

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