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Meet Bressie and Roz's organised flatmate ... her big sister, Rachel


Roz Purcell and her older sister Rachel

Roz Purcell and her older sister Rachel

Roz Purcell with her older sister Rachel

Roz Purcell with her older sister Rachel

VIP magazine

VIP magazine


Roz Purcell and her older sister Rachel

Meet the other woman in Bressie's life - Roz's sister, Rachel Purcell, who is also the couple's flatmate.

The sisters are particularly close and spend their time cooking healthy treats and training together.

Rozanna (24) is one of the country's most in-demand models and is enjoying the opportunities that her health food blog is sending her way.

But, the former Miss Universe Ireland says she wishes she could have her sister's organisational skills.

"I'd save a lot of money and I would not lose stuff 24/7," she tells VIP.

She and her Voice of Ireland partner Niall 'Bressie' Breslin share their home with Rachel.

The sisters feature in Christmas-themed photos in VIP Magazine, spilling the details on their tight family bond.

Rachel (27) is one of the three Purcell girls and the sisters were "inseparable" growing up, Roz tells the magazine.

But after Roz packed her bags to live in New York following the Miss Universe pageant in 2010, and Rachel relocated to Toronto, the two sisters didn't see each other for two years.

"I'm so bad at keeping in touch with anybody," Roz admits.


"Our family wouldn't mollycoddle each other. We're all very independent. When Rachel got home we were back to normal. We are yin and yang."

Rachel, who works in marketing, is as passionate about clean living as her younger sister, and is regularly seen training in Dublin's Fit Studios.

Roz previously revealed that she always thought it was Rachel who would end up in the modelling world.

"I thought Rachel would become a model, because she was the gorgeous one that everyone looked up to, and I used to feel like such a runt beside her.

"I always had frizzy hair and loads of freckles, and used to put Sun-In in to lighten my hair, so it had a weird ginger tint."

Her eldest sister Rebecca (33), Rachel, her mother Cecily and her father John are all exercise enthusiasts.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Roz, who completed a gruelling Ironman Triathlon earlier this year, will spend Christmas at a sports club in Lanzarote with Rachel, Rebecca and Rebecca's boyfriend.

"It's great because you can eat all through Christmas but come back really fit," she said.