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Mark Owen and Corey Hain: 5 things people are talking about this week

1OTT Take That cutie Mark Owen has admitted to cheating on his wife 10 times in recent years. Owen says he's had a drink problem for years and has now checked himself into a rehab facility. And one tabloid is also claiming TT's Howard Donald has also been cheating.

2ALL CHANGE Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt has split with boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, while Friends star David Schwimmer (43) announced his engagement to English photographer Zoe Buckman (24).

3LOST BOY Anyone old enough to remember 80s vampire flick The Lost Boys was no doubt saddened to hear of the death of Corey Haim. The actor (38) is believed to have overdosed on prescription medication.

4DIRTY DANCING Reports say that Gerry Butler, star of The Bounty Hunter, was getting friendly on the dance floor at a party last week with Madonna who unleashed the full flirt-offensive.

5HEIGL DRAMA After many rumours America's People magazine reported that it is 'not likely' that Katherine Heigl will return to drama series Grey's Anatomy. following her maternity leave.