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Lulu's guide to looking lovely longer

"We are so lucky to be living at this point in time, which enables us and encourages us to look good for a lifetime," says 60s singing icon Lulu in her new book, Lulu's Secrets To Looking Good.

Now aged 61, Lulu continues to astound with her lissome beauty, smooth skin, youthful attitude and buoyant self-belief. Here are her top tips for staying slim.

  • "I always keep plenty of bottled water at room temperature. I have trained myself to drink water because I know it's good for me. It helps keep me filled up between meals, but I don't drink it with food."

  • "On holiday I let myself off the hook completely. That's not to say I pig out, but I do let my hair down a little. I was in Greece on holiday not long ago and I ate a lot of Greek salads, and I certainly didn't tell the waiters to hold the Feta. And in France, where I stay with Elton [John] and David [Furnish], the food is so fabulous that I have three meals a day. But the key is to realise that it is a holiday from your real life, and from normality. But then you just pick up where you left off when you get home. If you've put on a little weight, it'll come off again once you're back to normal"

  • "I like curry as much as the next person -- no, maybe more! But I've eaten a lot of Indian food in India, where I've been on meditation retreats, and I've learned that it's very different to the food you'll find in most Indian restaurants in the West, which is very high in fat and often straight from the freezer to the microwave.

'Fresh' Indian food is very clean, not a glutinous, sloppy mess. When I eat curry, though, I tend to go for chapatis, plain naans and popadums. I used to be terribly brown-rice-and- Woodstock in the 60s, but I'm not big on rice now."

  • "I try not to eat pasta often. Like most carbohydrate foods, I've found that it makes me feel sluggish and isn't great for my blood sugar. But again, I never say never. I've trained myself to like vegetables and protein, because I know that's what my body really responds to best."

  • "In the same way, I try to pass up the bread basket. If I have a little mid-afternoon snack before going out to dinner -- maybe a slice of chicken with some mustard or salsa on top -- then I find it so much easier to just say 'no' because I'm not ravenous when the bread comes around."

  • "The rule: one dessert, lots of spoons! You don't need dessert after a meal. But you do usually crave a teeny little sweet palate-cleansing something . . . so order one between you and share!"

  • "It was all about milk chocolate when I was a kid, but now it's all dark -- and it has to be Green & Black's. I've read that it is packed with antioxidants so I can tell myself that it is doing me good and just a square or two is satisfying because it gives you a big cocoa 'hit' without all the fat and sugar."

Lulu's Secrets To Looking Good, by Lulu is published by Collins, priced €19.99 in Easons