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Kourtney does some radical toilet training with her beau

It was handbags at dawn in last Sunday's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick had allegedly failed to flush and Kourtney apparently "fell down" the toilet after he had left the seat up.

The reality-TV star then appeared to rub her hands all over her beau's face, with hands which were already dirtied from his own urine, in some bizarre form of retaliation.

Catherine Zeta-Jones got it half right some years back when she said that the secret to a successful cohabiting is separate bathrooms. Although in that instance CZJ was more disparaging about her own habits than those of her hubby, Michael Douglas, saying that: "I don't want him to see how messy I am. Certain things should be private."

But, of course, Catherine is in the privileged position of being able to, should she so choose, have someone else come in and clean up after her mess, plus that of her husband's.

Weirdly, I enjoy the scrubbing up once anyone has stayed over and used the guest bathroom. I get up promptly the morning after the night before and latex, disposable gloves are whipped on. Don't judge me -- it's for health reasons as I have contact dermatitis plus I do want to avoid immediate contact with, mmmm, what shall we politely call it . . . ah yes, other people's mess.

But here's a funny story. Last Saturday my guy slagged me off for being a 'wee bit squiffy' the night before. Despite all the so-called 'squiffy behaviour' I did make him dinner (after a little nap).

Then I was up at 8am on the Saturday to clean the bathrooms, scrub the tiles, scrub the kitchen, do two washes and some ironing, too. I then went for a walk before going in to visit my best pal Leo in Cheeverstown for 12.30pm. We went for our regular lunch, and then I had another walk, bought dinner and cooked. Again.

So when he slagged me about the 'squiffy' territory I definitely had the upper ground. A win/win for me? Most def! And he never had a whiff of a tantrum, never mind urine, on him.

Play the game Kourtney.

I didn't even balk when I was told "sure that's women's work" when he got frustrated that I didn't react more strongly.

It's all a part of growing up.