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Keeping up with Mrs Keating

Beautiful Yvonne Connolly's elegant but casual clothes said it all this week. The former model's low-key wardrobe has let the world know that she is coping well with the pain of discovering singer husband Ronan Keating's shocking dalliance with a younger dancer.

Looking fabulous may be the best revenge. However, looking stylish, albeit strained, as the betrayed wife of a pop star, and without giving the impression that you've flown in the new season's collections from Harrods or Milan, is a class act.

Yvonne's choice of comfortable, but feminine, clothes, starting with a pair of torn designer jeans worn with an over-sized beige jumper and complemented by a taupe bag when the news of her husband's betrayal broke, said loud and clear: "I am hurt, but I'm not desperate."

Her perfectly straight hair and immaculate make-up hinted at professional help with her grooming before facing the cameras. However, Yvonne managed to look effortless rather than plastic.

The general consensus is that it was the former model who wanted a swift announcement of a separation following evidence of her husband's straying ways. And her next casual outfit seemed to confirm this. Again, Yvonne didn't look for attention or reassurance by wearing attention-seeking clothes. The 36-year-old mum-of-three chose a nicely co-ordinated outfit of black jeans and white T-shirt and striped grey and white cardigan that showed off her slim figure to perfection for her second public appearance following news of her marital woes. Again, there wasn't a hint of desperation about her. Yvonne looked like any striking stay-at-home mum who had put on a daytime -- but without a doubt expensive -- outfit for strolling around the grounds of her luxury home in Malahide. It would have been impossible for other yummy mummies not to feel for her.


Desperation was Posh Spice wearing a revealing black burlesque-style dress and draping herself clingingly and cringingly around David Beckham following allegations that he had played offside with the family's personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

For Yvonne, flaunting her sexy silhouette would have been too obvious. Instead, she decided to keep her dignity in her third public outing while heading out for lunch with friends, and she welcomed our warm weather with a floaty, floral maxi skirt and understated white T-shirt and wedge sandals.

Remember a confident-looking Jennifer Aniston at last year's Oscars when she wore a feminine cream dress for her face-off with ex Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie? Yvonne has looked similarly in control this week.

And while her proud defiance continued to be seen in her wardrobe selection, Yvonne's fourth outfit for the cameras was not potentially without a problem or two.

The ankle-length white jeans and pretty white smock could have been worn by her four-year-old daughter, Ali. Sometimes dressing in an adult version of kiddie clothes is a desperate fashion mistake. Yet her decision to dress down, is because she is a woman who has made up her mind.

And Ronan will find out what she has decided when it suits her.