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How to give good camera

Pippa Middleton gives such great camera that some believe she is trying to steal the limelight from her sister Kate, who is more demure and docile when faced with the paparazzi.

Whether she's holidaying in Madrid, watching the action at Wimbledon or walking down a street in London, Pippa angles her body attractively in front of the paps' lenses, and beams like she's the cat who got the cream.

Which she probably has, what with her new royal connections following sister Kate marrying Prince William. So it's not just her bum or the intrigue surrounding her romantic life which has the paparazzi loving Pippa, it's that she loves them back . . . and probably adores them even more than they do her.

When you look at photos of Pippa, she always has her best side ready, is dressed to kill, and then there's her killer smile. Pippa disarms by looking directly into the camera, and grinning like she knows a secret which the rest of us are just dying to find out. The girl's got camera confidence and knows how to turn her pretty face and slight figure into a ¤1,000 photo . . . she knows the tricks of the model trade when it comes to taking a good photo.

1>try a new angle You can find your best angle by experimenting using a digital camera so you see the results of each pose immediately. You'll feel silly and yet it will be quickly obvious whether you should be turning the left side or the right side of your face towards the camera. Once you're aware of this, use your best angle as much as possible.

2> Get a model pose Pippa has the classic model's pose down to a tee, and arranges her body three-quarters toward the camera with one foot in front of the other and with one shoulder closer to the camera than the other.

Many women do this naturally, while many men tend to square up to the camera, as if they're trying to let the camera know who is in charge.

3>take a Sideways glance If sitting, slightly angle yourself so you don't look like a blob. If you're at a party, for appearance's sake, make sure you're not the one sitting in front of the pile of empty glasses.

4>things are looking up Professional photographers encourage people to look slightly above the camera when a picture is being taken. And if the photographer is at a lower level than you, then look more or less directly forward, and not at the camera, so your eyes aren't half closed. Otherwise you'll look a little dozy.

Lean slightly towards the camera too, as weirdly this makes you look as if you've something interesting to say, improves facial definition and helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

5>think pretty Models know how to change their state of mind in an instant. When having their photo taken, and even if they're in a bad mood, they can go from fed-up to fabulous in a second. Pick a happy memory, or something about which you feel very proud, and focus on it when you're the focus of a camera.

6> Learn to smile People rarely like pictures of themselves with huge smiles. Smiling too big exposes gums and causes your eyes to turn into slits.

7>back it up Get an interesting background -- there's a chance it'll make you look interesting too. For example, choose a pretty outdoor scene to stand in front of. And remember, never stand beside someone stunningly beautiful, unless you want to look like the plain friend.

8>take a moment Ask the photographer to count to three before taking the picture. Close your eyes and breathe in. Then, before the shutter clicks, breathe out, open your eyes and smile. Your face will look relaxed and your smile will look real.