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How cesar takes the lead

To adopt a dog, you have to be honest with yourself about how much time you have. Many people fall in love with the outside of a dog. But it's very important that you get a dog that has a similar energy level to you or less energy than you. If a high-energy human gets a coach-potato dog, the dog is not going to go for a walk with him.


Daddy [a pitbull, previously owned by rapper Redman]. He recently passed away. I had him for 16 years. I could ask him for directions. Many times if I was unable to make a dog follow, he would come and make the dog follow. He was the coolest guy in the world.

I integrated Sophie into the pack. Oprah (pictured above) was very nervous about what would happen and this is a woman who makes things happen. She lives in the moment.

Even powerful people can sometimes get sidetracked and they need common-sense people like myself to bring them back. I just brought it back to her inner strength because, to me, she represents calm, assertive energy.

Yes. For the most part, they are people who have been boss for a long time or controlled situations for a long time and then you are giving them directions and they don't want to take it. Obviously they have not evolved.

To be a good leader, you have to be a good follower. The human who believes that his way is the only way, that's a close-minded human. The dog cannot get help if the human does not change his habits, just like a marriage can't work if both aren't willing to work.

From a business point of view, it's important, because it provides people with jobs. It provides humans with a joy. It fulfills a certain need.

At the same time, you can't disregard that dogs are animals.

So, there is no boutique for dogs only boutiques for humans who humanise dogs.

But what a dog wants is to be himself; to achieve nature and achieve connection with nature and achieve connection with you.