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Hot Stuff: iPod Covers

If you have an iPod you need a cover. An iPod case doesn't just offer protection from bumps, dirt and fingerprints, it also lets you outfit your iPod with your own style. There is a wide range, so which suits you?

1> DISCERNING Structured, durable leather with a clear, screen protector that allows easy navigation. Belkin leather iPod nano sleeve €27, littlewoodsireland.ie

2> GIRLY For all those Sex and the City fans. Gear4 iPod nano silver sparkly case €29.86, Argos

3> GORGEOUS Handmade from finest quality nappa leather. Pink leather case for iPod nano €22.99, Argos

4> CHEEKY Practical, bright and a whole lot of fun. iPod socks €26.67, Argos

5> SEXY Sleek, laser-etched silicon sleeve with access to all controls and allows charging while in case. Belkin custom pattern sleeve €19, littlewoodsireland.ie

6> SLEEK High quality, textured leather outer skin and soft, colour-toned leather inner skin with a satisfying pull-release mechanism. Philips Paul Smith leather iPod nano case €27, littlewoodsireland.ie

7> EFFICIENT The shuffle is so small, smooth and shiny it can be hard to keep a grip on it, so silicone casing is a good choice. This comes with four cases in one pack. iPod shuffle cases €29.86, Argos

8> LOUD Get a very bright one and it's easier to find when you need it. iPod nano orange leather flip case €7, M&S

9> DELIGHTFUL Charmingly delicate design but offering practical protection. Golla Lifestyle flower case €14.90, Carphone Warehouse

10> SCARLET Cheap and cheerful, you can choose one to coordinate with your outfit. iPod nano red leather flip case €7, M&S