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Hitting the right note

Andrew and I have very different tastes in music. It's not a difference that could cause a serious argument, just the kind that could cause him a lot of irritation on a long commute if our iPods got mixed up.

At least we agree that we both like music -- but how are we supposed to find a common ground when it comes to the wedding music?

Booking the band is supposed to be one of the first things to do, but time was ticking and we had no idea of who or what we wanted belting out the tunes at our reception.

I know my taste in music can be cheesy but even I have my limits, and surely nothing is more cheesy than an Adam Sandler-style wedding singer? Or doesn't it matter as long as people are on the dance floor having fun? Who are you trying to please with your wedding entertainment; do you choose what you like, or what you think your guests will like, what your parents love, or who your friends would pay to listen to?

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we were able to visit the land of wedding music from the comfort of the laptop and YouTube. You no longer have to endure a wedding band showcase or subtly gatecrash a wedding reception for just one song.

We were no nearer to making a decision, until we went to a friend's wedding in Cork. Out came the band with Kiss make-up and skin-tight all-in-ones slashed to the navel, horrifying half of the guests in the first five minutes -- but after that, it was an entirely different story. Everyone, from all age groups, and especially the priest, had their air guitars slung over their shoulders and their heads banging to the music. They had both of us on the dance floor, which takes something.

So, I tried to think of a recent occasion where both of us were on the dance floor to live music and really enjoyed ourselves. And then it all seemed so obvious. Why not go for a band that we know are brilliant at performing live, are both amusing and entertaining, and if nothing else, will have us both up on the dance floor, if not necessarily dancing well.

Last New Year's Eve, the majority of our friends went to see a band and were still talking about them for weeks afterwards. The band was Smash Hits, and they play the sort of '90s music that we danced to down in Old Wesley and Bective when we were still in school.

It was the best type of music for the best days of your life, so logic prevails that it should be played on the best day of your life. Running this by my dad might have seemed like the greatest challenge-- after all, he loves Lyric FM and Katherine Jenkins, but he loved the sound of Smash Hits, their look and their costumes, the '90s rapping and their singing, too, which he thought to be very "tuneful".

Before I booked, I went to one of my trusty points of reference these days -- one of the online wedding forums.