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Has Aniston found her family man?

How gorgeous a baby would Jennifer Aniston have? And now that the word is that Aniston and her new boyfriend Justin Theroux are pre-engaged, could this mean the actress has finally found the one thing which has been eluding her for a while, a father for her future children?

OK! magazine is reporting that the Horrible Bosses actress is "nearly betrothed" to her new beau, screenwriter Theroux. This is somewhat based on the fledgling couple having bought matching rings with their names engraved on them, and the fact that Aniston has been spotted proudly wearing hers on her left ring finger.

The girl is no naive starlet, and either Aniston knows this will be seen as a signal of her intentions towards her new boyfriend, or she is playing silly beggars with the media.

Further proof that the couple is planning to go down the aisle has been divined from the fact that Aniston (42) and Theroux (39) are spending all their free time together.

They recently returned to Los Angeles from London where Aniston has been promoting her new movie. They had been caught out in several public displays of affection while away together, including a cosy date in the UK capital, and were photographed up close and holding hands in Heathrow Airport.


So far so good, and it's reported that New Yorker Theroux is spending less time in the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, his usual West Coast hangout, since pairing off with Brad Pitt's ex-wife.

"He's living at her place in LA," a source close to the couple has told US Weekly of Theroux's whereabouts. "And she's introducing him as her boyfriend."

Mind you, seeing as even Aniston's patio in her palatial Beverly Hills pad has heated floors, and leads to a pool, spa and fountains, it's unlikely that star has ever had any trouble persuading people to hang out in her abode.

The ex-Friends star seemingly sold her Beverly Hills house this week, and for a reported €38m, according to a report in People magazine, after deciding the house was "too much for her".

The magazine is also reporting that she and Theroux are looking for a new home in Beverly Hills, and one which will become both of their permanent addresses.

The question is, will it have a nursery, or a room which can be converted into a play area for a child? The fact is, we've been waiting for Aniston to couple up and have a baby ever since her split from Brad took a permanent turn. When Angelina got pregnant with Shiloh, we were forced to accept that Brad was unlikely ever to return to the Along Came Polly star.

However, two problems have arisen regarding Aniston's potential new husband and baby daddy.

We can see he is handsome and sexy and gives good photo, and that he'll undoubtedly look dashing if the couple ever do make it up the aisle.

Yet the first drawback is that Theroux reportedly dumped his long-term girlfriend for A-lister Aniston. It's claimed that Theroux's former girlfriend of 14 years, costume designer Heidi Bivens, has been left devastated over her split from the co-writer of the Ben Stiller-directed Oscar-nominated film Tropic Thunder.


The couple had met when Bivens was 20 years old and Theroux was 24, and it has been suggested that she only recently moved out of the home they shared for years.

So, naturally, we're worried that Jennifer has bagged herself a cad.

Another issue to have arisen with regard to Aniston's hot new soulmate is the old-fashioned recognition factor -- who the hell is the guy? If the best relationships are between equals, then is Jen damning her future by dating down?

Theroux is also an actor, and met Aniston on the set of one of her forthcoming comedies, Wanderlust. He has also previously had back-seat roles in such movies as Broken English and Mulholland Drive.

As a scriptwriter he has scripted the 2010 film Iron Man 2, as well as the aforementioned Tropic Thunder. Yet while he may be known in the movie industry, his rating on the fame chart is pretty low.

He is the nephew of the travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, and of novelist and poet Alexander Theroux. He's the cousin of writers and TV presenters Louis Theroux and Marcel Theroux.

US magazine Life & Style has reported that Aniston has introduced her father, John Aniston, to her new beau at Delmonico's Steak and Lobster House in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Meanwhile, a friend of the star's also reportedly told the magazine: "She's so happy with Justin that she's telling everyone he'd be a good father for her child. She says she wouldn't mind taking that step with him. She considers Justin the right guy to bring a child into the world with." Some details need to be taken into consideration: Aniston's ex-husband Pitt is now the father of six children; three biological and three adopted, while her best friend Courteney Cox is mum to adorable seven-year-old Coco.

It's natural that Aniston might have some maternal stirrings, and might be yearning for a baby with the man currently rocking her boat. It's unlikely anyone will be surprised if she announces she is pregnant in the next few months.

Yet, has her relationship with Theroux got real legs? Or, like Jennifer Lopez, who recently announced her split from Marc Anthony, the father of her twins, will this unequal union split after a gorgeous toddler is up and running around?