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Hair today and gone tomorrow

The main motivation is boredom, with 61pc of women saying they "just wanted a change" as the reason for going to the hairdressers.

Other reasons include the desire to reinvent oneself (25pc) and signs of ageing, with 17pc admitting to rushing to the salon after discovering grey strands. Other motivations for women to turn to their hairdressers included following trends, a milestone birthday, having a baby and a wedding.

Blondes may have more fun but dark brunette is the most wanted hair colour by women experimenting with a new hue.

Women change their hair more as they get older, to find a style to flatter their changing facial contours. And many salons see women bringing in pictures of a celebrity who they want to look like.

Here are the 10 reasons women said they changed their hair style in the recent poll: 1) Just for a change; 2) Out of boredom; 3) As a confidence booster; 4) As a result of a break-up; 5) To reinvent oneself; 6) To keep up with fashions and trends; 7) They were going grey; 8) In conjunction with a milestone birthday; 9) Either before or after having a child; 10) Due to their wedding.