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Guys and gals use different maths to count up the notches

A new biography claims that Warren Beatty (below) bedded 12,775 women over a 35-year period -- quite how they came up with the figure is anybody's guess and Beatty's lawyer has since publicly denied it -- but if it were true then any self-respecting girl would be extremely reluctant to become number 12,776.

Realistically, nobody except the actor himself knows how many notches were on his bedpost before he finally settled down and married the gorgeous Annette Bening. However there's something kind of skanky about any person being overly prolific in the bedroom gymnastics area.

One of Beatty's former lovers, actress Joan Collins, is reported to have once said: "I don't think I can last much longer. He never stops -- it must be all those vitamins. In a few years I'll be worn out."

The book claims that she was later asked if they really had sex seven times a day, to which she allegedly replied: "Maybe he did, but I just lay there."

Seven times a day is pretty good going for any human and is not to be sniffed at -- but it's the final tally of the women Beatty is supposed to have shagged 'seven times a day' that stamps all over the ever-so-popular notion that it matters not how many 'previous' the guy has racked up, while a woman needs to be a lot more saintly, selective, and mainly have a single digit tally when she finally says "I do".

Yes indeed, there's a line that even guys cannot cross when it comes to horizontal jogging. And if Beatty's alleged total number of conquests were to be believed then that would be off the abacus altogether. So it all comes back to what constitutes skanky when we're talking about sexual histories.

For a woman, being christened the school bike is pretty much where it's at. It's a title no gal ever wants to be given. And, at the school-going age, you'd only have to have given a few guys a go on the cycle to earn that particular title.

A guy can milk it way beyond this point -- but five figures is simply too much for most of us to bear.