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Going head to head


Seoige: Having presented news and reality talent shows, Grainne has proven her versatility, but her alpha-female persona hardly lends itself well to getting a laugh. 3/5

Bleakley: From news to light entertainment, Christine has also done it all, but she's also been a Strictly Come Dancing contestant and on comedy panel shows Would I Lie To You? and Chris Moyles' Quiz Night. 4/5


Seoige: Grainne plugged away until she rose to the top of the ladder in RTE with her own show. Now she's determined to rise through the ranks of ITV, and she knows how to get what she wants. 4/5

Bleakley: Christine cultivates the image of a girl who just happened to get lucky presenting one of the BBC's most popular shows. Rumour is she's a woman who will let nothing get in the way of her climb to the top. 3/5


Seoige: The axing of Grainne's RTE show, combined with the ending of her 11-year marriage last June, has given her an edge she didn't have before. People like her all the more for it. 4/5

Bleakley: Christine may come across as the nicest girl on planet light entertainment, but there seems to be precious little background story to her. 4/5


Seoige: Grainne's a favourite of the press here but she's a fresh face in the UK, which could play to her advantage. 4/5

Bleakley: Bleakley's been accused of posing for pap shots this summer, so it could be a case of over-exposure. 4/5


Seoige: Grainne has been the only presenter to work for all the Irish TV channels, along with Sky News and now ITV. It's proof that she's able to convince the people making the decisions to put her up front. 4/5

Bleakley: The chemistry she and Adrian Chiles oozed on The One Show boosted BBC's ratings and now she's in the same position on the Daybreak sofa, plus she's been offered a reported £2m a year to do it. She's top of the pile. 5/5


Seoige: 19/25

Bleakley: 20/25

It's a close-run battle but Christine's experience and exposure in front of the British cameras just shades it for her at the moment. However, give Grainne a season on the Daybreak couch and we'll see how she does...