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Gadgetgal: iPhone apps

I am totally app-dicted!

DIDN'T YOU ALREADY REVIEW THE iPHONE? I did but the thing is, when you're checking out a handset, you get a generic SIM card but, the truth is, it's not your phone. You can text your friends, sure, but you have to explain that it's you and not some randomer, and that you're working, which is why they didn't recognise the number.

HASSLE! Major. And so when I got the iPhone to test, I didn't delve into the apps scene, primarily because I didn't want to pay for stuff I wasn't going to be able to hang on to. And, I was app-solutely cynical about the point of the silly things. Weren't these along the same lines as those pathetic games that manufacturers put on handsets -- lame because the technology was weak, and the screens rubbish?

BUT! But! The iPhone is high, high technology, it is the Michaelangelo of mobile phones, and it makes you want to play with it without ceasing. This is where apps come in: they give you extra things to do with the precious phone. And -- they're fun!

FUN? Fun! The compass thing pictured here comes loaded on the phone, and acts as a gateway to the other things that you can get this phone to do. I've got a tarot oracle and a pedometer and a couple of horoscope apps.

I've also downloaded dictionary.com, which comes with a thesaurus as well. It also has a pronunciation function, so be careful when you're putting in dirty words for a laugh.

I've also got an app that calls up lovely pictures of horses.

Not one of these cost more than €2 and the dictionary was free. So in addition to being able to do email, update my Facebook, orientate myself, and, oh yeah, talk to people, I can search for diversions to my heart's content. Uh, no offence, but I've spent enough time telling you about this, I have to go app-shopping.

The iPhone is available from Vodafone. Apps require an iTunes account. Many apps are free