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Gadget girl: Canon PowerShot SX210

How many cameras can a Gadget Gal test?

HOW MANY? You'd be surprised. There are so many bells and whistles that come with modern technology that you focus on one or two features every time you get a new camera to play with. Happy days!

HAPPY INDEED. The thing with this new Canon, the PowerShot SX210, is the zoom. It is all about the zoom. This zoom is big, for such a compact camera. I could tell you that this zoom is a 14.1 megapixel, wide-angle 14x optical zoom, but what does that really mean? All those numbers -- whatever! The point is, is it any good?

IS IT? It is, particularly considering the fact that the camera itself is seriously compact. It's really no bigger than a bar of soap. And given Canon's image stabilisation system, you get incredibly steady hold even with the massive amount of zoom.

PRETTY COOL. Yeah. Using the zoom button is a bit of a learning curve: it requires a press and a toggle to expand and contract your composition.

AND IT'S PRETTY, TOO. It is. Very pretty in fact. It also comes in black and purple, but the gold is exactly the colour I would have chosen. And the fact that it is so tiny and light means it'll slip easily into the smallest bag.

SO, ALL IN ALL? The movies are HD, and there's a picture mode that allows you to bleed an image of all but one colour, so when you're using the 'Face Recognition' feature, you could focus only on the colour of the eyes of your nearest and dearest. It's fun! So if you're after a conveniently sized camera that has some technical heft, this is a good choice.

The Canon PowerShot SX210 costs €359 and is now available at all good camera shops